Study abroad in China and experience living in one of the most dynamic countries in the world! The importance of China is growing at an extraordinary rate. China is the largest trading nation in the world and plays the most important role in international trade. A study abroad semester in China is a sound investment into your future!

Our partners Asia Exchange represents two universities in China, Shanghai University and Guangzhou University. Find out more about the cities, universities and courses from below.

Combine both destinations and study a full year abroad in China! You can also spend a second semester in Asia in any of our other destinations.



  1. Explore life in the fast-paced commercial hub of China with an intriguing history
  2. Study at the highly acclaimed Shanghai University which ranks among the top 100 both in China and Asia
  3. Get an overview of Chinese language and culture as well an understanding of China’s place in the modern world. There are also courses in business and engineering available
  4. The credits are issued directly as ECTS. It is possible to earn up to 30 credits
  5. Take in the highly international environment both on- and off-campus and expand your network