Bangkok, Thailand


Study abroad in Bangkok, Thailand and enjoy both an engaging academic program and life in one of the world’s most thrilling cities. You can choose to study for one or two semesters at our partner universities or even complete a whole degree at Rangsit University or Siam University.

Find out more about our partner universities in Thailand below!


Rangsit University

Rangsit University (RSU) has grown to be the leading private university in Thailand. It attracts students from all over the world with its educational excellence and top-notch campus facilities. RSU invests extensively in internationalization and has numerous international programs. Since its establishment in 1986, RSU has partnered with numerous renowned international universities and welcomed more than 500 international students annually.

Kasetsart University

The state-owned Kasetsart University is one of Thailand’s most prestigious universities. Kasetsart University (KU) is an active participant in student and researcher exchange around the world. KU has bilateral agreements with several European institutions of higher education as well.

Siam University

Siam University (SU) is Thailand’s fifth largest private university and has several exchange agreements around the world. It is a popular exchange location among international students: there are 400 international students who participate in SU’s international programs every year.


Rangsit University

Diverse number of courses to select from in the fields of communication, information technology, business, engineering, politics and more. You can complete a full Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at Rangsit University.

Kasetsart University

Study Economics, Business, Engineering, Tourism and Agriculture at this high-quality state-owned university.

Siam University

Choose among a wide variety of business and management courses on both Bachelor and Master level. You can even opt for a whole BBA or MBA degree!


A semester at the Rangsit University costs €1,890.
The application fee is €75.

A semester at the Kasetsart University costs €1,790.
The application fee is €75.

A semester at the Siam University costs €1,890.
The application fee is €75.

The tuition fee covers all course fees. In addition, you will be given guidance before, during and after the semester. On arrival you will have an orientation to help you settle, as well as comprehensive support services and academic services throughout your course.

Students who complete two semester in Asia, either in the same destination or in two different destinations, will get a €100 discount on the second semester’s tuition fee. 


It’s easy to apply to the universities in Bangkok. You will receive a confirmation from Asia Exchange within a week of applying. After that you can start preparing for the upcoming study abroad semester. Students applying for a full degree at Rangsit University receive a confirmation of their placement within 3-4 weeks, and exchange students who wish to study Master’s level courses at Rangsit University receive a confirmation within 10 days – starting from the day their application is complete with all the required documents.

At Siam and Rangsit University you can apply either for a Bachelor’s or a Master’s level semester. When applying to Master’s level studies at Siam University, please take note that the BBA and MBA programs have different application forms and semester dates.

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All the programs in Bangkok suit students who are interested in international careers. There is a large expatriate population in Bangkok, due to the number of multinational companies’ Asian headquarters, and the community provides excellent opportunities for networking.

In addition to offering a chance to build your international network, a study abroad period can enhance your creative thinking skills and intercultural competences. These are seen as a great asset by many employers on the competitive and globalized job market of today.

Bangkok is also one of the best places to call home if you are planning on travelling around South East Asia. Its convenient location and excellent transportation connections make it possible to visit the many beaches, jungles and mountains as well as neighboring countries during the weekends.